Postpartum Doula Services

Breastfeeding support and Lactation services

Working Mothers Breastfeeding Support Group

As a postpartum doula, I am a nurturing, mindful, caring person helping the mother/father finding their own way of being with their baby. I provide advice, information, emotional support and physical comfort after childbirth in the areas of breastfeeding, infant care and mother self care, as you are learning a new rhythm in your family.

My extensive experience in the field of lactation support showed me how important it is to support the family to get in touch with their intuition handling the baby. Society puts a lot of pressure on us to preform and leaves so little space for actually listening and following your instinct.

My goal is to help you connect with yourself and to guide you to be the mother/ father you want to be.

Breastfeeding is natural process and sometimes it may not be easy.
I will assist you with the following situations: positioning the baby to the breast, getting a good latch, determining is the baby getting enough to eat, sore, flat or inverted nipples, the suck/swallow process, engorgement issues, breastfeeding problems, establishing sleep patterns, cluster feedings, choosing the right pump and how to use it.

Caring for an infant should be instinctual and we have to find the right way to handle the baby. I will provide you with baby care information , how to nurture your baby by carrying him or her in slings and wraps, and soothing by swaddling, side-lying, shushing, swinging and skin to skin contact.

The care for the mother is very important to me: to help her find time to shower, rest and nurturing her body with the right food is essential. She might also need help in her role adjusting as a new mother, with her partner in her new family.
I am also available to help the father adjust to his new role and to organize the daily routines as life continues.

My services as a DONA international certified postpartum doula:
~ postpartum/ breastfeeding support after birth
~ accompany the mother and infant in the first weeks and months
~ making sure that the needs of emotional and nurturing support for the family is met
~ educational information and resources available

Lactation services and support
Ilka Sternberger, UCLA certified CLE offers services
~ in you home and hospital ,
~ support and information via email and phone
~ prenatal and postpartum breastfeeding classes
~ private instructions
~ breast pump rentals and sales
~ pump delivery
~ information and support with low milk supply

Ilka services Los Angeles and all the surrounding areas.

Working Mothers Breastfeeding
Support Group
Balancing motherhood with work outside the home poses many challenges.
The discussion groups cover transition back to work, pumping at work, hiring a care giver, diet, continuing to breast feed while at work, gentle weaning and taking care of yourself and the baby.

please call Ilka at 310 301 9147